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Today, many are trying to optimize the newlyweds wedding budget on their own, choosing from a list of wedding singers (leading, photo- and videographers, etc.) Cheaper options or completely abandoning some services. Organization of weddings and wedding compilation of the estimates - is a complex and time-consuming process that requires specific knowledge, skills, as well as a luggage-date information on the current situation in the wedding industry. Wedding cost breakdown - is an important and critical part of the preparation for the wedding, so know the approximate price range is a must. Moreover, it is often a financial question is quite acute for many newlyweds. This means that our article, which tells about the average prices for wedding services in the US, will help you navigate and plan the best wedding budget. Especially that the network can find a lot of incredible information that can mislead you about the cost of the wedding.

How much does a wedding in the US?

Before we begin to give an example of prices of wedding, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the specified minimum value, as a rule, implies as much poor quality. Like everywhere else in the wedding industry is the rule: the higher the quality - and the greater the cost. So do not take our minimum value for the standard. Another thing is that it is better to be treated with caution the quality of services and goods, if the price is much lower than those that we have indicated.